TPCG’s Optimization Practice aids clients in the development of management strategies, long-range planning/road maps and implementation/action plans to realize improvements and cost savings. 

GAP Assessment

  1. 90-120 day on-site analysis on 25 primary service lines
  2. Holistic optimization program approach
  3. Objective to identify a comprehensive cost reduction program that meets < 3-year simple payback

Triage Assessment

  1. 30 day virtual analysis on 8 easily implementable tracks
  2. Jumpstart to savings program
  3. Objective to identify 10% of a comprehensive cost reduction program

This offering provides

  • The baseline cost, organization and operational delivery across the enterprise
  • The service level requirements as well as the management & operational delivery
  • The GAP that defines the opportunities for improvement based on the organization’s constraints
  • A program to implement improvement and track results