This Optimization Practice is targeted at B&I organizations aiding in development of Facility and Technical Operations strategies, Long-range Planning, and Action Plans to realize improvements and savings.


The Growth Practice directly supports companies’ needs to expand products, markets, and penetration all in the effort to improve profitability.


Often times, clients are in need of execution support for a limited time period to ensure a new program or strategy launches effectively. TPCG provides clients with skilled resources in strategy execution for limited time periods to ensure deliverable’s are met.


This Collaboration Practice streamlines communications, maximizes efficiencies, and compresses implementation costs and time frames. This practice focuses on seamlessly integrating legacy applications and systems to enhance productivity and uniting all facets of the business.

Service Lines

  • Business Processes
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Facility Operations
  • Organizational
  • Shared Services

Service Lines

  • Strategy Development
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Product Development
  • Partner Programs

Service Lines

  • Strategy Implementation
  • Launch Support
  • Transition Support
  • M&A Integration
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Startup Support

Service Lines

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Promotes Collaboration
  • Controls Documents
  • Monitors Work Tracks
  • Multi-System Capstone
  • System Integration
  • IT Optimization

This is how we See it.

At TPCG, we strive to help our clients understand the challenges they face, and more importantly, to understand the options they have to improve their situation. By having reliable information and a clear view to the possibilities, educated decisions can be made that have a high probability of success.

The foundation of our practice and service lines is to help our clients fully understand their existing situation and the best possible course of action to achieve their objectives. To ensure success, the development and deployment of action planning and key performance indicators (KPI’s) must be defined and tracked.

Our deliverables are designed to drive owner equity and the ability to realize the value of those assets. Our business model is built on a performance based platform intended to align our services and the application of our intellectual property with the motivation of our client.

Delivering extraordinary solutions!

TPCG will provide a strategy and process framework to look holistically at your objectives and operating practices to streamline your operations, improving efficiencies and responsiveness across your entire organization. 


It is widely known that roughly half of all optimization projects fail to deliver shareholder value and that about one-quarter actually destroy confidence. It is also no secret that there are tried and tested methodologies for successfully completing projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Following a merger, management is under intense pressure to address challenges such as defining integration priorities and quickly identifying and capturing synergies.

GAP Assessment

An in depth optimization approach that identifies cost saving improvements through a 90-120 day review of facility and technical operations.

Triage Analysis

A high speed, high yield cost optimization approach, that identifies cost saving improvements through analytics from readily available financial and vendor service information.