Streamlining, Maximizing, Implementing

The Collaboration Practice streamlines communications, maximizes efficiencies and compresses implementation costs and time frames. TPCG recognizes the difficulties companies face to gain better control on insight to their content, business processes and how they access and share information.


The Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) is a customized, fully-supported platform that systematically enables leaders to focus on the highest priorities, accelerating the achievement of goals by providing actionable knowledge that assesses, projects, and tracks critical performance impacts.

This practice focuses on seamlessly integrating with client’s legacy applications and systems to enhance productivity and uniting all facets of your business.

A standard interface and administration portal around operational systems, teamwork, and reporting


A central portal to visualize your global property portfolio and facilities data


TPCG has formalized a powerful IT Spend Optimization solution which produces a clear roadmap for maximizing returns.


Organizational resilience and agility to enhance performance is the goal, not the creation of new work.

Focus is to create new insights on performance, not to restate what exists

Enhance revisions to forecasting-simulations modeling methods, risk agreement, performance evaluation, and increase investment into the future state, today.