Document Management

Save 12% to 29% of document production costs

With minimal time needed of your team and NO upfront cost, The Triage Team implements its proven system to recover lost profit dollars and deliver best-in-class vendor agreements for you. Hard dollar results are guaranteed while simultaneously enhancing vendor support and equipment performance.

Triage Track Description

Your document production spend is significantly reduced by leveraging “industry insider” secrets known only to the industry’s inner circle. Even with the Internet, these vendor secrets are not available to end user customers. This information gap creates invisible profit leaks that siphon away your previous profit dollars.


The Triage Team gathers current equipment fleet configurations and costs. The information provided will be input into a current costs report that documents the actual hard dollar spend.

Using our database of cost of goods for equipment, consumables and vendor support, we’ll analyze the data to confirm your savings opportunity. Once confirmed, we implement our proven system to provide options to compare with current vendor(s) solutions and costs. Simultaneously to lowering costs, we enhance vendor support and equipment by providing a Service Level Agreement that defines equipment and support performance standards.


  • Recover hundreds of thousands to millions of lost profit and redirect it to more productive uses
  • Hard dollar results are guaranteed upfront
  • 93% success rate recovering over $227,325 lost profit dollars
Document Management