TPCG is a full service strategic management, marketing and consulting firm that specializes in strategy development and revenue Sales & Marketing program execution. Our revenue expansion practice was founded to assist companies in their efforts to broaden a revenue base or value proposition.

Service Lines

    • Strategy Development
    • Product & Market Development
    • Partner Programs
    • TPCGResearch

The revenue expansion practice directly supports companies’ needs to expand products, markets and penetration all in the effort to improve profitability. The objective is to compress sales timelines, create incremental growth and minimize risk. Through a comprehensive approach utilizing the multiple resources and tools, the approach provides several benefits to our clients:

    • Increased efficiencies and reduced expenses leading to an improved bottomline
    • Access to best-in-class products and services providers with existing relationships
    • Ability to leverage the global selling power creating economies of scale
    • Monitoring and performance data for a more robust and sustainable delivery model
    • Faster deployment of programs and realization of incremental growth with reduced risks