Business leaders struggle to look for solutions to address the issues of top line revenue growth, increased profitability and operation efficiencies all the while facing shortages of capital & competent human resource. Corporate entities are starving for guidance, strategic vision, and a methodology that is sustainable.


In most businesses, facility operations are a necessary evil. It is difficult to understand and apply best practices and achieve optimum performance.
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This practice provides a customized and powerful platform strategy to transform current applications to a focus integrated tool set that is scalable and manageable. It allows you to get the most of the systems you have.
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Our expansion practice was founded to assist companies in their efforts to broaden their revenue base and expand their value proposition.
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Often times, clients are in need of execution support for a limited time period to ensure a new program or strategy launches effectively. Clients are not interested in hiring full time employees for services that are near-term and finite in scope.
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Our Value Proposition

Innovative and strategic management strive to optimize their performance through cost reduction, revenue expansion and exceptional execution. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. We simplify the process to clearly understanding the current condition and what is required to achieve the end-game. All of this needs to be completed in a visible and measurable environment. By clearly defining the baseline and understanding the capabilities and constraints of the organization, a realistic and achievable plan can be developed and deployed that will attain the desired performance.
Our skill sets and deliverable’s are designed to drive performance based and accelerated impacts. TPCG strives to provide our clients with factual information and implications so that they can make educated decisions.