The savings quickly improve
our clients bottom line

TPCG is a full-service advisory and implementation firm that leverages expertise in multiple areas of business operations to identify, implement and measure cost savings opportunities.These savings quickly improve our clients bottom line. TPCG funds our services from a portion of the first year savings at no cost to the client who retains the lion’s share of first year savings and all savings in the subsequent years.


Industrial and Commercial clients are laser focused on getting every dollar out of Fixed and Variable Operations. This laser focus can create opportunities for non-core, business support operations to begin to leak  money to the tune of 10% – 15% of Total Operating Overhead. 

The Value Assessment is used to quickly identify easily realized areas of cost savings using readily available client and vendor information. These targeted cost savings opportunities require little or no capital and minimal resources.

The Client has zero cost and retains 65% of first-year savings and all subsequent years’ savings. 
The Value Assessment takes a client accounting administrative person 1-2 days to share documents and TPCG 4-weeks to produce an Executive Management Cost Optimization Action Plan that will likely span these 10 specific Tracks: