managementThe staff of professionals come from multiple disciplines and vertical markets. They bring 100’s of years of expertise to our clients to help understand where they are at and how to get to where they what to go. Although our main offices are located in South Carolina, the majority of our staff live and work remotely and are located around the world.

Each of TPCG’s 4 Primary Practices are lead by Managing Directors and are supported by Service Line Managers for each of the 25 individual service lines. These service line teams are made up of Senior Consultants,  Analysts and Support Staff.

The business admin team supports all of the Practices and Service Lines with the Shared Services of:

    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Quality
    • Finance
    • Sales & Marketing


TPCG’s leadership team is made up of 3 seasoned executives.

    • James Beall – President & CEO (BIO)
    • Lori Hines – Chief Financial Officer (BIO)
    • John Ramsuer – Chief Administrative Officer (BIO)

Our Partners

The strategic partnering program directly responds to the needs many businesses have to improve profitability, compress sales timelines, bring new incremental growth, and minimize risk. Through its comprehensive approach utilizing the multiple resources and tools, this approach provides several benefits to clients including:

    • Increased efficiencies and reduced expenses leading to an improved bottom line
    • Access to best-in-class products and services without the cost of conducting marketing analysis
    • Ability to leverage the global selling power creating economies of scale
    • Monitoring and performance data for a more robust and sustainable delivery model
    • Faster deployment of programs and realization of savings with reduced risk

The partnering program is designed to become an integrator in the effort to manage market pursuits.

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Our Projects

We are able to provide strategic solutions that improve performance through effective deployment of our skills, capabilities and tools. We bring a valuable perspective and a process framework. Over the past 13 years we have served more than 50 of the Fortune 1000 and over 20 Healthcare IDN’s. The projects that we have performed have included production relocation, product launches, merger & acquisitions and capital strategies. Our work allowed us to audit over a billion square feet of space and identified over 20,000 discreet improvement projects.

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