Optimization practices drives the Glidepath to realize improvements and savings targeted at Industrial organizations which aids clients in the development of network Facility Management Strategies, Long-Range Planning/Roadmaps and Implementation/Action Plans . 


As business leaders struggle to find solutions to address the issues of top line growth, increased profitability and operational efficiencies, they face shortages of capital and competent human resources. Corporate entities are starving for guidance, strategic vision and a methodology that is sustainable. 


Often times, clients are in need of execution support for a limited time period to ensure a new program or strategy launches effectively. Clients are not interested in hiring full time employees for services that are near term and finite in scope.

TPCG will provide clients with skilled resources in strategy execution for limited time periods to ensure deliverable’s are met.  


This practice streamlines communications, maximizes efficiencies, compresses implementation costs and time frames. TPCG recognizes the difficulties companies face to gain better control and insight to their content, business processes and how they access and share information. 

This practice focuses on seamlessly integrating legacy applications and systems to enhance productivity and uniting all facets of the business. 

TPCG Triage

A high speed, high yield cost optimization approach, that identifies cost saving improvements through analytics from readily available financial and vendor service information.


Helping the manufacturing sector achieve its potential through cost management, process improvement and performance management.

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Following a merger, management is under intense pressure to address challenges such as defining integration priorities and quickly identifying and capturing synergies. 


Helping the commercial sector achieve its potential through cost management, process improvement and performance management.